Fixed skylights are designed for deck mounted installations and are perfect for visually expanding areas such as hallways, stairwells, and other closed in dark spaces. that can be transformed with light and sky views. they provide and economical choice in providing a spacious home that is filled with

natural light.

Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights

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Available for both deck and curb mount installations, the Electric Fresh Air Skylight is the perfect and practical solution for your daylighting needs. With the Electric Fresh Air Skylight you are allowed to control the air flow throughout your home with the press of a button. If you forget to close your skylight

when it is about to rain,

a rain sensor will

detect rain and shut

your skylight for you.

The Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight features a solar panel which captures daylight in order to recharge its highly efficient, fully concealed, battery operated, control system. This operator is used to open and close the skylight preventing the need for electrical wiring                              for the installation.

Electric Fresh Air Skylights

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Manual Fresh Air Skylights

Fixed Skylights

Designed for both deck and curb mount installations, the manual fresh air skylight enables any home to embrace the best of what nature has to offer allowing maximum fresh air to ventilate throughout your home. It allows a proper moisture balance by releasing stale humid air.